artists celebrate nation bike month

Thank you Gary for this awesome link.

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? To celebrate, Poster Cabaret asked artists to create bicycle-inspired artworks which are now proudly on display at the Gallery Black Lagoon in Austin, Texas. Going on now till May 30th, you can see a collection of them all nicely framed at the Bicycle Print Show.


The beatles on bicycles

This has got to be the most awesome picture ever

Zooey on her bicycles

I don’t who could make a bike look more good and fun than Zooey Deschanel.

Bicycles are the future

thanks Jude for sending this to me : ) x it really gave me some much needed inspiration for this blog and to keep at it.

keep calm

‘WALK ON’ would also work. Hope you all have amazing weekends! The weather is great for a walk or a ride.

Vespa flash mob

I was in Parkhurst on Saturday morning when a whole mob of Vespa riding people drove by! It was so awesome! Made me want a vespa real bad. I managed to catch one of the guys with my camera – probably the most awesome one!

So cute. Matching Father and sons. all on one giant Vespa. Whoever you are. you are awesome!

Whats so interesting?

I found this picture on this flickr. There’s no description of where and when it was taking and what all these men are looking at but I like it so much! Look at all the bikes!